The New Touch in Portable Vaporizer

The New Touch in Portable Vaporizer 2017

Vaporizer are commonly used to vaporize different ingredients of plants commonly cannabis, tobacco or other herbs that can be inhaled. An atomizer is used to heat the liquid to a boiling point producing a liquid which is then inhaled. The vaporizers are in the market and thus not many people know much about them. Those who know about them are considered to already have known their ins and outs. There many different vaporizers out in the market which are under these categories.

Desktop Vaporizers- desktop vaporizers are vaporizers that are generally big in size more less like a desktop but not a computer. Most come with good quality carrying cases. They are the units for use at home only. There of different categories such as Top Desktop Vaporizer, Plenty Vaporizer, Vapir Rise 2.0 among others.

Pen Vaporizer- These are usually hard dry herb cartridges that are attached to a threaded battery. They use different batteries with different voltages. They are mostly used for concentrates. They have the advantage of being able to use a variety of concentrates. Some of them are the V2pro vaporizer, Halo racer Twist E-Liquid Vape Pen, XEO Void Vape Pen among others.

Portable Vaporizer

The major topic of our day will be about the portable vaporizer. They fit well in some pockets. The new generation of a vaporizer is the portable vaporizer. It is the new product that everyone is talking about. They are usually surrounded by praises from the different people who have had use them. Portable vaporizer is a bit bigger compared to the pen vaporizers so it’s mostly hard to hide them considering how you carry them. They are generally for mostly at home and when travelling. They considered to have more functionalities compared to their counterparts Vipe pens. Most of them are multi-functional with the ability to use concentrates, dry herbs and e-liquids. Being multi-functional means they are expensive as well. Their battery is made to start at 2-3 hours and goes up from there. They give you the best experience by giving you a variety of designs.

There are a variety of Portable vaporizer in 2017 that are great deal. We can range them from the best Portable Vaporizer.

1. Mighty Vaporizer- it was made by the same company that made Volcano. This is one of the machines that never disappoints. Unlike other many vaporizers that are considered as conduction vaporizers, the mighty vaporizer is one of the best convection and conducting vaporizers. It is one of the hybrid vaporizers in the market with a longer battery life and capacity than the crafty. It is not possible to find a vaporizer that will last more than 90 minutes of vaporization.

2. Pax 3 Vaporizer- by any chance if you ever used the Pax 2 and like it then this your option. It still maintains its vapor quality and style and incredible then you will love Pax 3. It is one of the efficient and user friendly. The vapor production is huge, has a great taste and is easy to use and clean and with a great draw resistance.

3. Fire fly2 Vaporizer- it is considered as the best in quality. It looks smaller because of its smaller heating chamber but it’s great. It gives you an instant heat on demand features and by that you can enjoy while on the go. It has an improved design being 33% smaller and 55% lighter. It has a variety of colors and has a transparent lid that allows you to see what is inside giving you the ability to know whether the herbs have already been used.

4. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer- If you had an experience with the earlier Classic DaVinci you have no reason to hate the new DaVinci IQ. It has all the features the users have always asked for. It has a ceramic vapor trunk and a very great and efficient heating chamber producing the best vapor quality for its kind. It also comes with a replaceable and rechargeable battery.

5. G Pen Elite- this is one of the brands from Glenco Science that has made it have a reputation for having made a portable vaporizer from Alibaba. The G Pen is light, slim and light weight in design. It has a 360-degree ceramic element that enables the G Pen rapid heat-up time and equal distribution of heat throughout the entire chamber. It also has a larger chamber that can feet a lot of your herb.