Getting The Best E-liquid

Getting The Best E-liquid

Finding the strength to fight the habit of smoking itself is difficult. When one does find the motivation, the process itself is very difficult to go through with the painful craving that gets worse day by day, while nicotine patches or chewing gum don’t do much. For every quitter, a good news in the form of vaping came about; a solution to their cravings.

For those of you who are not familiar with vaping, it is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes that functions with the help of e-liquids or vape juice and a vape pen. A vape juice is nicotine laced e-liquid and a vape pen is the device in which the vape juice cartridge in placed and through which the vapor is generated. Most vape pens have coils inside the atomizer (heating element) and has a circuitry sensor and mouthpiece, whereas vape juice is the liquid inside the cartridge and comes in many flavors including tobacco and mint among many others. Since its launch, millions of quitters have switched to it and the demand has increased which led to cropping up of various brands. Due to all the different brands, quitters find it difficult to choose despite reading various e-liquid reviews.

In order to choose the best e-liquid from the market, you need to first understand your own preferences but most importantly understand the composition of these juices.

The e-liquid or vape juice is, like mentioned above, a nicotine laced liquid. But what does the liquid contain besides nicotine? Every vape juice is based on two compounds: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). While PG is a synthetic compound, VG is a naturally extracted compound and both are used in food items that we eat on daily basis like that ketchup you love so much. So you can see now that the vape juices are safe for consumption besides minor allergic reaction from PG based juices. When you compare PG and VG there is no winner because ultimately it depends on what you like.

If you’re using a PG based juice, you will get fewer gunk on the coil and the vapor produced is less due to PG’s thin consistency. But since it’s a synthetic chemical, one may get rashes due to allergy but besides that PG based juice will give you a more of a cigarette feel than VG as it hits the throat strongly like a tobacco cigarette and it does not affect the flavor of the juice as PG is flavorless and odorless. VG on the other hand is a thick liquid and therefore it takes time for the wick to absorb the juice unlike PG juices. Since VG is natural compound, it will not have any allergic reaction but will give out a lot of gunk and thick vapor. VG is also naturally sweet and therefore will sweeten the liquid, therefore making detection of flavor difficult.

Another thing to consider while buying an e-liquid is trying out the testers that most of the manufacturer provides you with. This will enable you to decide which one suits you the best and which one doesn’t. Especially, if you are not sure what will satisfy you, after all you’re going to all this trouble to kick the smoking habit to the curb.

When it’s your health in question, there is nothing more valuable than it. So choose the vape juice carefully, choose what is best for you not what is cheaper or someone else find suitable. While, you may get e-liquids easily from gas stations, the quality of these may not be so good and it may cause you health problems.

The best place to find e-liquids is online; again choose wisely as while some may give you the best nicotine fix and offers; some may just ruin the whole thing for you. The best thing to do in this case is to research about various vaping devices, juice, and brands. Then you could possibly read reviews of various e-liquids consult someone who knows about this and like previously mentioned, try out the testers.

Keep these in your mind while buying the vape juice and good luck getting rid of the habit and embracing healthy ways of living.