Electronic Cigarette Review - The Best Things About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Review – The Best Things About Electronic Cigarettes

What are electronic cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes are the answer to the growing number of tobacco smokers worldwide. Electronic cigarettes are electrical devices that produce vapor instead of the harmful smoke emitted by tobacco cigarettes. By this, it simulates the act of smoking, satisfying one’s physical and mental craving for the real ones. With the help of electronic cigarettes we could diminish the number of respiratory health problems and death caused by tobacco smoking in the planet. Thousands of people have switched to smoking electronic cigarettes today and have been satisfied with the outcome.

Every time a smoker buys a pack of cigarette, he or she is increasing the risks to life threatening illnesses developed from long-term smoking. Even the cigarette manufacturers are aware of this as they stick the warning label on the pack saying, “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.” Can’t you be more convinced of the hazards smoking gives? This is also emphasized in electronic cigarette review of various e-cig brands.

Smokers who finally realize this has turned to e-cigarettes, this being the best option available for them to take action against the harmful habit. And for someone who is just beginning with the plan to quit, without much knowledge about electronic cigarettes, it will be difficult to choose the best e-cigarette brand he or she can use. This difficulty is addressed by electronic cigarette reviews which are made available to everyone to help assess which brand can best help in your ‘quit smoking’ campaign. Instead of spending money trying out, such reviews will give the smoker all the pertinent information he needs about various e-cigarette brands. But first, you should know what the best things about electronic cigarettes are – to serve as your basis for the selection of the right and best brand.

No Tar, No Harmful Toxins. This is one of the best things about non-traditional cigarettes. They don’t have tar, carbon monoxide or other health damaging toxins which are usually contained in traditional tobacco cigarettes. You get to enjoy the smoke without the health dangers.

Regulated Smoking. While traditional cigarettes require that you smoke the entire stick before throwing it away, e-cigs allow you to take few puffs and set it aside for another puff another time. You can regulate your smoking until you are able to completely get rid of it.

Monetary Savings. Turning to e-cigarette can provide great savings for the smoker as it costs less than the regular stick. The cost of electronic cartridge and e-liquid nicotine refill are far less than actual consumed packs of regular cigarettes.

No second hand smoke. With the traditional cigarette, you worry about second-hand smoke being absorbed by those around you. The electronic version gets rid of that. You can assure those around you of their safety even while you are smoking. Vapor released which looks like smoke is nothing but water vapor.

No Stinky Cigarette Smell. Cigarette smells stick to clothes, hair, breath, and the body. With the electronic cigarette, you are not to worry about these. It is pure odorless water vapor which is released as smoke.

Convenience. This is another good thing about e-cigs. You can smoke anytime, anywhere. Even in places where smoking is not allowed. You need not take the cigarette to a ‘smoking area’ to get your nicotine dose for the day.

Better Health. Finally, a smoker feeling healthy. By reducing the risks of exposure to harmful smoking-related illnesses, you get to feel good about your health condition. You know you are reducing the toxins and poisons that go with traditional cigarettes. It’s a good lifestyle change. They feel and look a lot better than when they are puffing the real cigarettes.

Improved Self-Esteem. This could be the best thing that a quilter can have. Your renewed and refreshed look will enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem. Knocking the bad habit down equates to an improved appearance and disposition.

Therefore, when you check out the online electronic cigarette review of certain brands, keep the above information in mind to make sure you get the best e-cigarette available.

Top Electronic Cigarettes

If you plan to switch to something better and leave the habit of tobacco smoking for good, purchasing e-cigarette kits would be your first step. E-cigarette kits consist of electronic cigarettes, batteries, wall charger, USB charger, and cartridges, usually in a set of five, depending on your choice of flavour and strength. E-cigarette kits are available online and in selected stores. People most of the time purchase their e-cigarette kits online because they haven’t been available in many stores worldwide yet. In addition to that, people seek for knowledge, facts, and reviews on the internet to be able to know more about electronic cigarettes, besides you wouldn’t find much knowledge elsewhere to make an informed decision regarding this matter yet, but online.

There are a number of electronic cigarette companies to purchase from on the internet. The top electronic cigarettes as of today are as follows:

First is the Blu Cigs, the leading electronic cigarette brand. They have launched their new design that offers better functionality and has better rendition and technology.

Second in the list of top electronic cigarettes is the South Beach Smoke, it is quite new in the industry.

The third is the V2Cigs, they offer auto batteries as well as manual ones. They have a variety of flavors to choose from.

Fourth in the list of top electronic cigarettes is the White Cloud, they have released a new model to add on their items, it gives out twice the vapor and is lighter and shorter than usual.

Fifth is SmokeTip, which offers Eazy-drag system that allows inhaling without that much effort.

Next is the Volcano which offers a variety of starter kits to fit your budget.

Seventh on the list is of top electronic cigarettes are SmokeStik which offers batteries that last longer. Aside from the companies of top electronic cigarettes worldwide, you could always hit the internet to look for a wider range of choices. It always depends on the smoker’s needs and wants.