About Us

We welcome you to our blog Big Chief Cigarettes. We aim to provide you actionable and simplified advice on e-cigarette products such ecigs, vaping, eliquid and portable vaporizers.

In recent years ecigs have become very popular. More and more people realize the dangers of smoking and quit this unhealthy habit. Many former smokers switch to vaping instead. If you are interested to find out more useful information about ecigs and vaping, our blog aims to provide you insight and answers to basic as well as advanced questions you might have.

The vaping and ecigs industry is still awaiting state and federal regulation. However, there are many promising studies that have shown that vaping is safer than smoking. If you are still a smoker, switching to vapor from traditional tobacco cigarettes can be a good idea.

If you are a new user of vaping products check our blog categories in order to start your journey today. Our blog was established with the goal to provide you easy to understand ecigs and vaping advice that can truly make a real impact.

Seeing how too many ecigs and vaping sites fail to answer their readers’ questions made us frustrated. We wanted that our blog Big Chief Cigarettes to be different. We made a commitment to ensure that our advice is easy to understand and follow by regular people who usually have busy lives.
Here you can find a single place to get advice on ecigs, vaping, eliquid and portable vaporizers without all the confusing info that you could find elsewhere.
What we do:

• Give realistic expectations
• Simplify complex advice
• Back up our advice on scientific evidence
• Write for real everyday consumers that have busy lives

What we don’t do:

• Promote products that are not high quality
• Give you advice that doesn’t work
• Convince you to purchase unnecessary and expensive products
• Review favorably products of companies that pay us

We invite you to browse around on our website and check out our blog categories for the most popular content!